Авиационные перевозки


«ILС» LLC regularly deliver goods from South-East Asia, USA, Europe and other countries. Our main partners are: Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Finnair, KLM, Korean Air, AirBridgeCargo. We will choose the best delivery option based on the needs and client’s requirements . Professionals of ILC offer alternative solutions, consider the risks for each of the options of delivery, delivery times and capacity optimization depending on the weight and volume, value and nature of the goods, place of loading and delivery.

We offer the following solutions concerning certain segments of business:

High-value and liquid goods delivery service   -  high security measures: a further control by the shipping agent for the preservation, video or photo during activity with cargo , the minimum transit time of delivery (direct flights), additional mandatory insurance of the goods.

Heavy loads and large quantities of goods delivery service  - this service is best choice for manufacturers and trading companies. In the case of stopping the conveyor due to equipment failure, the risk of customer loss concerning failure required lead time. You must take samples of equipment for production testing - we will help you. Our experience and capabilities will offer the best option: delivery by truck, type of combined transportation, sending several parties in a short time.

Dangerous and temperature cargo delivery  - service is best way for delivery medical supplies and reagents, delivery of chemical products samples in the absence of alternative services. We have great experience for this commodity transportation and know transit time is the most important thing. For better control we choose well-tried air companies only, companies with a minimum risk of delay or cancellation of flight. Additionally offer terminals for the storage of Dangerous and Temperature control goods.

Express delivery small shipments service - Shipping 48 hours from Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions. Consolidation in a convenient place for you, fixing prices, efficiency, service door - door.

Additional options

  • export / import customs clearance
  • pick up and consolidation in the country of origin
  • Warehousing: weighing, palletizing, stretching, labeling, insulation
  • delivery to the final address
  • departure and arrival airport terminal fees payment

Our Mission.

We work for People. First of all, we think about requirements and needs of people outside and inside the company.

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