Контейнерные перевозки

Container shipping

We propose to use the service on maritime transport. Transportation of goods by sea, as a rule, most economical, and sometimes the only way to deliver the goods to the destination point. ILC is your reliable partner in the field of maritime transport and additional service.

Карта китая

DEEP SEA - transportation of goods over long distances. Direct contracts with ocean lines and experience allow to provide the best quality and cost service. We guarantee space protection, equipment protection, freight rates for a long time. Daily shipping container location status, Operations Officer, documentary support and consultation in the framework of transport: each our client receives quality service.

SHORT SEA – transportation of goods over short distances. Service reduce the cost of transporting goods over short distances. This service is especially important for heavy loads and as part of a multimodal service. Currently, we are actively offer this service on the route: Europe - Russia, South - East Asia - Russia. Variability of services, transit time, the freight costs: we monitor market for a solution offer related to your requirements.

LCL - groupage cargo in container. This service will reduce the cost of small parties transportation. At the same time you do not lose time waiting for the preparing all cargo for container. Fixed consolidation and departure date of LCL containers. Convenient pick up and receiving orders system. Variability of service via:  the Far East, the Baltic countries, the ports of Saint - Petersburg and Novorossiysk.

Intermodal rail service - shipping containers exclusively by rail. This service is relevant for clients who need the short transit time. Short transit time and minimal risk of additional costs: the value of this solution. On the arrival station we offer a comprehensive service for container unloading, documentary work and on-carriage service to final destination place.

Additional service:

Agency services: Wide agency network allows you: fast contact with shipper, make booking to the line, promptly provide empty container for loading.

Local services: Domestic transportation; product consolidation and reception at the terminal, warehouse operations; change consignments, storage in accordance with the requirements of the packaging and the nature of the cargo; export customs clearance.

Operations at the port of destination: Weigh the container and consignments by stuffing services, storage, container freight forwarding in the port.

On-carriage service. Depending on the distance between the final destination place and the port of arrival, we offer the best delivery option: truck, rail, and less other options. If customs clearance is carried out not at the port of arrival: offer bonded truck delivery.

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