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The Customs clearance

According to the brokerage service we are ready to offer:

Consulting service related to customs clearance of the Customs Union. Our customers import and export goods of different commodity: consumer goods, accessories, clothing and footwear, chemical raw materials and finished products. We offer the optimal solution for the place of customs clearance and the estimated service cost related to the commodity and route of delivery.

We provide customs clearance services on the following Customs:

  • Smolensk customs
  • Sebezh customs
  • Nakhodka Customs
  • Vladivostok customs
  • Baltic Customs (Port St. - Petersburg)
  • Moscow Regional Customs
  • Airport Sheremetyevo (SVO)

Special Solutions. We propose to use our customs clearance services for The Republic of Kazakhstan and The Republic of Belarus. (Customs union)

DDP service  - this service is relevant for exporters. If buyer asks you to provide the service on DDP terms (when duties and taxes should be paid by the seller), we are ready to help you. Destination country agent will offer brokerage service which includes: Duty and VAT payment. Service are valid for: Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

Special solutions:

The Classification decision of the Federal customs department

For duties payment optimization concerning importing project cargo (multicomponent delivery) ILC recommend to receive a classification decision of Federal customs department before delivery. This option works in accordance with article 107 of the Law «On Customs Regulation in the Russian Federation», № 311 – The Federal Low from 27.11.10.

Why do we recommend to get the Federal customs department classification decision:

  • One HS code by declaration;
  • Savings on duties payment and VAT (Duty = 0%);
  • Reducing administrative barriers;
  • Short customs release time (usually 24 hours duration);
  • Short customs release time (usually 24 hours duration);
  • Savings on customs fees.

Please note that the deadline for classification decisions receipt by law 90 days after the statement registration. We can offer you a period of 45 to 60 days from the date of the statement registration.

We offer a complete service concerning classification decision:

  • Document preparation for Federal customs department classification decision;
  • Document coordination and inspection in the Federal customs department;
  • Support and minimize terms of the Federal customs department classification decision release period.

Preliminary classification decision of the good

Preliminary decision supports traders to correctly declaring HS code.

Equipment delivery process to the Customs Union often concerning contentious issues - how to classify this product. Typically, this situation is not in favor of importers. Customs authorities concerned to classify goods according to the HS code with greater duty. If a importer shows that the goods should be classified otherwise than its classified customs post, he can return the overpaid duty payments.

For the convenience of the importers Federal customs department receives preliminary classification decision from 2000. More than 36,500 preliminary classification decisions have been done during this period. 39% of preliminary classification decision request related to complex high-tech equipment.

By the law, the issue terms of The Preliminary Solution are from 45 to 90 days from the date of the statement registration. ILC offer consulting service related to receipt of the solution within 45 - 50 days from the date of the statement registration.

The Intellectual Property License of The Federal Customs Department

The inclusion of intellectual property in the Customs Register enables the ability to stop the illegal traffic through the customs border.

This step allows holders:

  • Effectively protect intellectual property from counterfeiting and unfair competition;
  • Detect violators;
  • Resist penetration of counterfeit goods across the border;
  • Stop illegal counterfeit goods export from the Russian Federation;
  • To assess the real scope and territory sales of counterfeit goods;
  • To protect themselves from loss of profits and increase sales of its own products;
  • To protect themselves from the negative image;
  • Strengthen the position of the company and its reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.

Thus, the introduction of intellectual property in the Customs Register - not exactly easy on the procedure, but very effective way to protect their products, and, of course , the fight against counterfeiting and illegal imports.

The Foreign Economic Activity consulting

We are ready to offer related to The Foreign Economic Activity consulting:

  • Complex consulting related to the import and export of goods to the territory of the Customs Union;
  • Optimal solution for transportation and customs clearance of goods;
  • Providing special solutions: The Classification decision of The Federal customs department, Preliminary classification decision of the goods, Intellectual Property License of The Federal Customs Department;
  • 3PL and 4PL solutions;
  • Complex Supply Chan consulting.

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