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Warehouse logistics

We suggest you to use the warehousing services of our partners.

We have following warehouses network:

  • Moscow Area - 15,000 square meters / 9,000 pallets. Storage Class «A» and «B»;
  • Saint-Petersburg - 10000 square meters. Floor storage. Class «B» Warehouse;
  • Yekaterinburg - 10,000 square meters / 5,000 pallets. Warehouse class «A» and «B».
  • Novosibirsk - 12,000 square meters / 7,000 pallets. Storage Class «A» and «B»;

We can also consider the option of organizing warehouse operations of the client's needs. Our team of professionals has experience in organizing such business. We independently carry out monitoring proposals of commercial real estate market, calculate a budget for the organization operations and the purchase of storage equipment, draw up a full SOP.

We offer the following services:

  • The floor, shelf, cell storage of goods;
  • Manual and mechanized loading/unloading;
  • Sort cargo;
  • Packing shipping, palletizing, stretching;
  • Marking and sticking;
  • Formation of the order, checking completeness;
  • Cross-docking;
  • Selective and complete inventory;
  • Reporting.

Our Mission.

We work for People. First of all, we think about requirements and needs of people outside and inside the company.

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